Achdut – achva, which was established in 1929, is a leading manufacturer of sesame products: halva & tahini in Israel. The production of well-known Mediterranean & organic products is based on more than 75 years of extensive experience and know how.

Both halva & tahini are manufactured by traditional methods, from superior quality pure sesame seeds.

Achva halva is renewed for its delicate taste and for its long lasting freshness, in all sorts of weather.

It has long shelf life, does not require refrigeration.

Our vision: to manufacture the best products, quality is above all.

Among our products: halva, tahini, sugarless products, organic products, syrups, sweets, cakes, cookies & minicakes.

All products are under the Badatz Ha'eda Hacharedith Jerusalem supervision.

The factory has the quality standards: ISO 9001: 2000.

Tahini & halva are well known as healthy products, thanks to the main ingredient: sesame seed.

Sesame products are rich in vital minerals like calcium and iron, in all the B vitamins
and in highly nutritive protein that supplements the lower-quality protein of cereals
and bread.

The white sesame seed oil contains a high percentage of unsaturated acids.
Thus, it has an effect of lowering the cholesterol level in blood and of
slowing down arterio-sclerosis.
Sesame products have a highly natural antioxidant effect due to the unique phenolic
compound the Sesamolin (inherent only in the sesame) - and to the tocopherols
(Vitamin E)they contain, Hence, sesame products are characteristically resistant to rancidity.
Moreover, they have anti-aging effect.